Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween: The Doorway to NaNoWriMo

No, that's to typical of an evil laugh. Maybe an cruel snicker would work better?
Heh heh heh...
Still not right. Ooh, I got it!
High-pitched cackle. Always a winner.

Anywho, Happy Halloween! The one night a year immortal sidhe can be killed, or the power of a thousand spirits siphoned into one individual to make a new god.
What? Never heard of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher? Too bad, epic series. I love mouthy protagonists with a penchant for fireballs.
So, this is the first year I'm not making a costume or going trick-or-treating. Kind of disappointing for me, but the flip side is that I'm going to stay up until midnight so that I can kick-off National Novel Writing Month right as November starts.

Of course, I will think back to this moment come tomorrow morning when I have to get up for school and seriously consider whether I happen to be insane or not.

So, this time tomorrow evening, I'll let you know how it went and what project I finally settled on for NaNoWriMo. The final contestants are: Royal Trio of Eckba, Ancestrals, or Ballistics Division.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tracker's Arrival

When I stepped into the logging camp, I was greeted with stares and whispered comments. That was typical wherever the winds took me.
There isn't a person on this continent who hasn't heard of me, Edercy the Tracker.
My long-time client Overseer Krich greeted me in the center of the camp. Many years he'd been paying for my services, originally to remove some troublesome business rivals, and more recently to keep his logging operations free from bothersome issues. Now, apparently, he had something more serious in mind.
"Are you sure it's her?" I asked after he explained the situation.
"Definitely. The arrows had crimson fletching."
A sigh escaped my lips before I had the chance to stop it. "That's her, alright. Always a flair for the distinctive."
"Indeed." The overseer said with a sour look on his face. "So get in that forest and start doing what you're known for." I nodded and started to turn away, but paused as a thought occurred to me.
"Do you want me to kill her?" I asked over my shoulder.
"Kill, capture, I don't care, just get that blasted woman away from my business ventures!"

And so I entered Olsmin Forest to track down my greatest pupil, and most bitter enemy, Aylon Wildseeker.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Guardsman Aleric groaned softly as he stretched his aching shoulders. No one had ever said how sore his muscles could be after a full night on watch. Once again he thought of the bunk waiting for him in the guards' barracks, and was tempted to leave his post early. Once more Aleric stifled the thought, reminding himself sternly that a sentry had to hold his position, even if there wasn't anything to be watching for. It was the principle of the matter, after all.
But those principles didn't mean much when an arrow zipped out of the nearby treeline and sank into his chest.

"How bad is it this time?" The overseer grumbled.
"Three guardsmen killed, and the wheel-axles on ever cart have been cut through." His assistant answered nervously. His boss was not known for a calm disposition, even without being awoken just after sunrise.
"That makes this the worst of the sabotage to hit our camps. Please tell me the remaining sentries saw at least something useful."
"No, sir."
"Fine. Set workers to repairing the carts, then, and assign someone to get rid of the bodies. I'm going back to bed." Just as the overseer was turning to head for his private quarters, the assistant let out the other detail about the attack.
"Sir- The sentries. They were taken out by arrows with crimson-feathers." Seeing his boss freeze, the assistant clutched the sheets of parchment he always carried a little closed to his scrawny chest.
He was surprised, though, when the overseer responded rather calmly. "I want you to write a message to Edercy the Tracker for me, and tell him to come here." Eyes wide, the man couldn't believe what he'd just heard. The Tracker was a legend, one of the greatest mercenaries ever to stalk through the land. One didn't just casually send him a note with an order.
"Um, is there anything else you would like me to say?"
The overseer turned his head enough that his assistant could see the burning anger in his eyes. "Tell him that his star pupil has become rather protective of this forest, and I want to hire him to bring her down."

Outside of the logging camp, one of several that belonged to a company trying to destroy her home, a ranger crouched in the shadows covering a tree branch. She saw the angered overseer saying something to his over-worked assistant that sent the smaller man scurrying away.
"Soon, Eder." She whispered with a grim smile. "Soon you will pay for your treachery." With that, she leaped from the branch to another, travelling deeper in to the Olsmins Forest.

Saturday... With Complications

Y'know that vision a lot of people have about Saturday, the one that includes sleeping in late, staying in pajamas for a while, and watching morning cartoons? Yeah... That doesn't happen with me.
Because of the farm my mom runs and the feed store she works at six days a week, she's usually left the house by sunrise each morning. As a consequence, I have to roll out of bed early enough to get myself ready for school, finish any homework from the night before, and take care of the several dozen critters kept at our house. I get some alone time in the morning, sure, but that means my internal clock has lost the ability to let me sleep in even on Saturday.
Which is just unfair. It's the one day I can afford to get a couple more hours of rest, but nooo, my body starts freaking out when I'm still in bed at 7:30. Argh.
At least it means you people get to read a non-cheerful post about my annoyances. Don't you feel lucky?

Anywho, I'm going to finish up this post, then write an opening to a story I've had vague ideas about for a while now, called Tales of Aylon Wildseeker. Heh heh heh...

Hope your Saturdays go better than mine!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong!

If you do not understand the title reference, go watch the movie that started season 3 of the original Transformers, you heathen!

Anywho, welcome to the new blog of the Triscribe! Otherwise known as me!

Hm. Now I have to figure out something to muse about. Myself? Nah, too conceited.
I know! I'll role a mythical character named Tay, and I shall write about her backstory! It's genius, because bragging about someone else's achievements is better than boasting about my own, even if there are remarkable similarities between Tay and myself...

Home(s): Previous family home on Long Island, New York; current locations are Mother's house near the high school, Father's apartment on the other side of town.
Family: Above mentioned parents, aggravating maternal grandmother, less-aggravating paternal grandparents. Father's younger sister who is rarely heard from, and various distant relations barely remembered on both sides.
Friends: Assorted.
Literary Accomplishments: 2 1/2 books for a Fantasy trilogy written; extras for that project include world map, character profiles, portraits, backstories and previous adventures; 40,000 years of complex history; 3 active systems of gods; chaotic political ties and rifts; various magic systems, the inner workings of which are currently being worked out, including the formulas used by mages who no longer exist. There are several other projects in the works (genres including more high fantasy, modern fantasy, post-apocalyptic sci-fi and superheroes) all of which started as drawings, but none of the others are yet as detailed as that first one.
Scholarly Achievements:... Yeah, no, I'm gonna skip this one. Not that it's devoid of any material, but that's not something I hold in high regard for myself. Er, for Tay, that is.
Choice of Entertainment: I know what, the only question is DC or Marvel. Top choices: Bat folk of Gotham and Avengers of any incarnation. Includes the comics, T.V. shows and the latter's live action movie.
Personal Quirks: Always, always, always carry the following: Choice of reading material (anywhere from the latest issue of the X-Men to Batman and Psychology, which I get to read for a school project :), at least one notebook, and two or more sketchbooks, plus assorted writing/drawing/inking/coloring tools.

And that's as far as I'm going for now! Hopefully after this introduction, I can actually create some musings for my stories, and the RRHS Creative Writing Club which this blog will be affiliated with.
For my fellow geeks, let the Force be with you, and for the nerds, may the force equal mass times acceleration. For the rest of you, see ya'll later.