Sunday, January 26, 2014

Math... With Superheroes?!

Gah! Nearly a month without an entry, that's just terrible. But between homework, artwork, writing, and avoiding one to do the others... I've been busy. Only a semi-productive busy, unfortunately, or else I'd have more report on.
Well, at least there is one thing I can type about: determining a superhero's power level. An equation of my own design, for use with my comicbook characters:
Equation: Power level = (Lasting effect x Minimum concentration^2) + Rarity
(An anota’s power level is the height of their ability. Those with multiple powers have their equations averaged.)
Lasting effect: Instant (1), Momentary (2), Minutes (3), Hours (4), Days (5), Weeks(6), Months (7), Years (8), Decades (9), Permanent (10)
Minimum concentration: Subconscious (10), Instinctive (9), Conscious (8), Split-second 7), Actively think (6), Utter focus (5), Hard (4), Max effort (3), Struggle (2), Involuntary (1)
Rarity: Psionics (1-5), Physical (3-7), Primal (6-10)
Anota abilities (superpowers) are determined by genetics, all tracing back to the first mutant. Anyone can be born with them, but children with anota parents are twice as likely to develop powers related to those of their family members (this chance is increased exponentially if there are anota grandparents as well). Powers from previous generations can be mixed together or all passed on at once to a child, creating some rather strange combinations.

There are often cases of large families having only one or two anota children surrounded by normal siblings and parents. In those situations, there is often an anota relative not in the direct line of ancestry.
  • Psionic
    • Tele-skills
      • Telepathy
      • Telekinesis
      • Teleportation
    • Mind over matter
      • Transmutation
      • Matter manipulation
  • Physical
    • Enhancements
      • Super-muscles
    • Transformations
      • Shapeshifting
      • Molecular alteration
    • Mutations
      • Permanent, mutated or irradiated form
  • Primal
    • Elements
      • Control of certain material(s)
    • Forces
      • Influence over natural forces

I hope this is at least semi-interesting... To all of you, at least. I find it amusing that math is the subject I'm least willing to do homework for, yet I'm doing algebra for my comicbook. The first time I realized this I thought the world had gone topsy-turvy.
Stay warm!