Saturday, March 28, 2015


Uh... Hi there.
So, I have undeniably and irreversibly sucked into the world of fan fiction.
... It's a surprisingly nice place to be, but sadly, I promised myself a long while ago that the only things to go into this blog would be my original works of writing. Which means the Musings have been horribly neglected over the last few months.
And, there's been stuff to pop up in my personal life as well:
I'm eighteen now - not sure I feel like an adult just yet, but still.
I've been accepted to a couple colleges, and am trying to pull together the money to get to the one I really want to go to (family members... Are having varying levels of willingness and opportunity to help).
Senior year of high school. 'Nuff said.
Where do we go from here? The time has come to figure that out.
I'd like to start posting some short pieces and poetry that have been created in my Creative Writing class at school, and will from time to time whip out some updates for Bloodfeather and the other extended stories you've been reading. From time to time, they may even have illustrations added (wouldn't that be snazzy?). And I might, if push comes to shove, put some tales on this site that are technically fan fictions, but are more about Original Characters I've come up with rather than the shows/movies/comics they're based off of.
Oh, and if any of you want to go take a look at the stories I've been posting (mostly Batman and Young Justice so far, though there are a lot of other things in the works such as assorted Transformers, Hobbit, some big name Marvel heroes - you get the idea) you can look my account up on I'm the Triscribe here, I go by the same name there.
So long, folks!
(Oh, and good luck with the April Fooling in a few days.)

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